About Us

Being a product development company specializing in Mobile Barcode Solutions since 2017 , our focus is and always has been on striving to optimize and create intelligent barcode solutions based on innovation and modern technology advances in this industry. This was all made possible with the advent of Android OS taking the lead in the rugged handheld market over MS Windows Industrial OS from 2017 onwards along with advancements and the maturity and availability around the same time of native development approach for Rugged Handhelds and Mobile Printers along with SAP Mobile , EWM and UI technologies. 

Beyond-RF  is a native barcode warehouse solution that is built for the modern purpose built rugged android handheld devices unlike most browser based RF solutions available in the market today. Our teams have over time utilized the latest technology in bridging the gap between the various platforms to deliver a best of breed warehouse solution in Beyond-RF that can take advantage of all the modern features of the warehouse devices of today to their full potential.

As a result ,Beyond-RF  as a solution is able to deliver an unparalleled and seamless experience for the warehouse operators and for the day to day warehouse operations and tasks thereby increasing productivity and reducing cost. 

We are a SAP , Honeywell and Zebra Technology ISV Partner and our product Beyond-RF  is a SAP certified solution thereby alleviating any future concerns regarding upgrades and support.

Our teams have years of industry experience in warehouse operation and we have a talented group of technology experts to allow for the cross innovation platform and product.